School Fee Made Easy Account

People hardly realize that savings can be made stress-free, while big problems fall like a pack of cards on a day of surplus. The perception that savings arise from surplus income is really a way of holding people in perpetual bondage. Do you realize that if you discipline yourself and save N500 daily for 260 working days of the year, you can save N130,000.00. This is more than school fees in most public universities. The good news is that if you save consistently for 130 days, the bank can advance 50% of the amount to pay your (ward’s) fees while you continue to save to repay the loan.


  • Initial deposit of 2,000.00
  • Save for educational purposes
  • Simplified account opening procedures
  • Designed for students in tertiary institutions


  • Attractive interest rate
  • Access to electronic payment platform 24/7
  • Flexible operations
  • No penalty for withdrawal