Savings Account

This is a deposit account where deposits can be made in person or through proxy but withdrawals are done in person. It attracts interest that is competitive in the banking industry.


  • Minimum opening balance of 2,000.00.
  • Minimum operating balance of 1,000.00
  • Interest rate of 4% per annum.
  • Withdrawal from savings accounts more than thrice in a month will lead to forfeiture of interest in that month.


  • Minimum opening balance of 2,000.00.
  • Means of identification (National ID, International Passport, driver’s license, voter’s card)
  • Utility Bill of Applicant (PHCN bill, Water Rate Bill, Tenement Rate, Rent Receipt)
  • Two Passport size photographs of Applicant


Download, Print, Fill and Submit the Saving Form