Micro Loan

This is a loan that gives you money when you need most. It is a short to medium term payroll based loan that helps you pay for planned expenses such as school fees, medical bills, house rent etc.


  • Access to loans from 50,000.00 to 500,000.00
  • Flexible collateral substitutes
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Affordable repayment schedule with maximum tenor of six months.
  • Opportunity to access repeat loans.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Individuals or groups who have been in account relationship for 3 – 6 months.
  • Demonstrates ability to repay through regular cash flow.
  • Provision of two acceptable third party guarantors.
  • Voluntary savings by individuals or groups for easy loan repayment.

How to apply

  • Apply in writing for the loan
  • Complete loan application form
  • Visitation report by Credit/Marketing Officer.